Limited Edition PhotoBook - online exclusive!

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This exclusive photobook features never before published photos taken during the filming of SJA by the cast & crew themselves! It's full of candid shots of the actors having fun, working hard, playing and bringing the show to life! There are shots of the monsters, the rehearsals, location shoots, production team, and lots more! The photo's aren't available elsewhere & give a real sense of just how much passion and effort went into creating the show.

The book itself is a limited edition, 26 pages, beautiful A4 hardback! If you order now it will be available for you to collect at the event. It'd be a wonderful item to get signed! 

Currently this is an online exclusive! There aren't plans for copies to be available to purchase at the event.

NB - Pictures of the actual book will be added as soon as possible. The current image is for illustration purposes only.