Terms & Conditions


The following terms & conditions must be agreed to if you wish to buy a product, service or opportunity from us:

Admitance, behaviour and conduct whilst at the event

The Attic reserves the right to refuse admission to any part of or all of the event. We do not have to give evidence or a reason. You will be fully refunded for the price of the relevant ticket or voucher within 30 days.

Any person found behaving in an unlawful manner, causing a nuisance or disrupting the event will be ejected from the event without a refund.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to sell or transfer your package to someone else.


You can bring a camera but we request you take photos using flash photography during the first 5 minutes of each panel as not to disturb the guests during their stage talks. Please note that Video or Audio recording of the event is NOT permitted at any time when guests are present. If you are found to be recording the event you may be ejected without a refund.

Extra Autographs, Photo Opportunities & 'Secrets of The Stars'

Tickets/vouchers cannot be canceled or transferred to another person. (NB You have certain rights to cancel an order under the cooling off period.) 

In the event a guest named on your ticket/voucher is unable to attend an offer of an exchange to a different guest will be made if possible, otherwise a refund will be issued within 30 days. 

Signing sessions are limited in length. It is your responsibility to ensure you are present within those times if you wish to obtain your free or purchased autographs. Autographs are given on a first come, first served basis.

Guests or The Attic may refuse to allow the signing of unlicensed merchandise or any item in our sole discretion which we deem unsuitable.

We will endeavor to ensure that all Photo Opportunities will be printed and available for collection by the end of the event. If this is not possible a digital copy will be emailed to you. 

Backstage Pass

Purchase of the 'Backstage Pass' at £0 buys you nothing and you should expect to receive nothing. It will instead enter you into a 'blind bid' for the contents of the Backstage Pass as described. It is your own responsibility to ensure you enter your highest bid into the 'Special Instructions To The Seller' box at checkout. Should your bid be the highest received you will be contacted and secure payment taken via card over the phone. The Backstage Pass can only be purchased by persons aged 18+. A child can be nominated as the 'friend' with whom you will share the perks of the pass but no alcohol will be served to them.


All guests appear subject to work and personal commitments.

Guests may appear for the whole day or part of the day.

The Attic accepts not responsible for arrangements made by attendees with third parties.




The Attic reserves the right to add, remove or amend any of the conditions on this page.

If you are buying something as a gift and not attending the convention yourself, you must enter the attendee names in the “Special Instruction To The Seller” section at checkout. This must be added at point of order. Name changes will not be accepted if submitted at a later date.